SXPF Sponsors and Donors

It's because of sponsors and donors that make this event a success! From local potters and the support from multiple organizations many have come together to support the arts. And most importantly how the arts can then invest back into our community. Below are a list of sponsors and donors who have contributed to the success of Southern Crossings Pottery Festival.

SXPF Donors and Supporters

Porter Watkins

Beverly Cote
Marti Kuehn
David Taylor

Mr. Benny's Pot Shop
Cherylanne Burnett
Lindy Casebier
Amy Chase
Laury Christensen
Eclipse Bank
Richard Jones
Debbie Little
Kent & Alice Seavers


Patricia Allen
Claire Renzetti
Craig Scherman
For Pete's Sake Pottery

Community Collaborators

SXPF is made possible through the generous support of the organizations below through their contributions of space, services, and resources. 

Bowl Makers and Soup Donations

The 2018 SXPF Empty Bowls event was made possible because of the contribution of handmade ceramic bowls created by local potters, in addition to the restaurants and cafes who created and donated soups in effort to benefit A Recipe to End Hunger.