2018 SXPF Sponsors and Donors

List of 2018 sponsors, donors, and volunteers who have contributed to the success of our inaugural Southern Crossings Pottery Festival. It's because of their service and support that made this event a success! From local potters and the support from multiple organizations many have come together to support the arts. And most importantly how the arts can then invest back into our community.

SXPF Donors and Supporters

Porter Watkins
Jeffrey Sandoe & Brent Hendrix

John & Jan Fuqua

Cheryl Burnett
Beverly Cote
Marti Kuehn
David Taylor

Christa Della Bella
Mr. Benny's Pot Shop
Lindy Casebier
Amy Chase
Jeff & Nancie Chase
Laury Christensen
Hugh & Nancy Duddy
Eclipse Bank
Richard Jones
Debbie Little
Kent & Alice Seavers

Patricia Allen
Bill Griffith
Judy Miner
Claire Renzetti
Laura Ross Studio
Craig Scherman
For Pete's Sake Pottery

SXPF Event Volunteers!

Parker Bolin, Lindsey Dezman & Family, Sarah Doyle, Lalana Fedorschak, Savannah Ferrell, Sarah Frederick, Ashley Gilreath, Brooklin Grantz, Michael Hale, Kendall Herdelin, Bonnie Johnson & Family, Penny Leach, Autumn Lindsey, Alma Martinez, Austin Riddle, Leia Roberts, Shane Sullivan, Porter Watkins

Many thanks to the following for their additional support:

Dawne Gee, Bonnie Johnson, Carly Johnson, Keith Kaiser, Mark Murdock, Valerie Paxton,
Joann Triplett and Keith Waits

Community Collaborators

SXPF is made possible through the generous support of the organizations below through their contributions of space, services, and resources. 

Bowl Makers, Soup Chefs, and Entertainers

The 2018 SXPF Empty Bowls event was made possible because of the contribution of handmade ceramic bowls created by local potters, in addition to the restaurants and cafes who created and donated soups in effort to benefit A Recipe to End Hunger.

Community Bowl Makers:  
Ben Hammond, David Hellman, Amy Elswick, Marko Biddle, J.D. Schall, Thomas Mooneagle, Ted Herman, 
Marie-Elena Ottman, Cheryl Ulrich-Barnett, Jim Gottuso, Steven G Cheek, Amy Chase,
AA Clay Studio, Payne Street Pottery and KY MudWorks.

Soup Chefs:
Christian Johnson - Wiltshire Pantry   |   Finbar Kinsella - St. Joseph Children's Home
Shawn Duvall - Red Hog   |   John Skelton - Hilltop Tavern
Brandon Smallwood - Mt. St. Francis   |   Amy Miller - Baptist Health Milestone Cafe

Voices of Kentuckiana